6 reasons to visit Mykonos off-season

6 reasons to visit Mykonos off-season

Mykonos is one of our favorite greek islands. The blue pops of color against all the whitewashed walls, narrow streets and beautiful nature makes you feel as if you are in a fairytale. The island is so much more than an expensive party destination and this is why we present 6 fantastic reasons to why you should visit Mykonos off-season.

1. It is cheaper to visit Mykonos off-season

Mykonos is known for being one of the most expensive Greek islands, but not during off-season! Travels to and from the island, accommodation, food, and drinks can all be found to low costs. When we visited Mykonos off-season we didn’t even spend 12 euro for return flight tickets. We were also able to sleep like kings for cheap and enjoy some really good food.

2. Less people

Don’t worry about getting up early in order to get nice and people free photos of the landmarks or the iconic streets. If you visit Mykonos off-season there is very little people on the island, for better or worse. You can stroll around the place in your own pace and take in everything without stressing over other people being in your way or disturbing your holiday.


Mykonos street off-season


3. Not just a party island

The island is known for its crazy and never ending party scene. However, this only applies during summer! If you visit Mykonos off-season you will most likely see more old people playing backgammon than young ones drinking. This gives you a very good reason to discover what the island has to offer beyond its nightlife. Of course, you will occasionally stumble upon a few crazy party people and there is definitely some good bars to enjoy if one wants to.

4. It is quiet on Mykonos during off-season

One of the first things that we noticed when we arrived in Mykonos was how quiet it was. The island becomes an oasis of calmness during off-season. It is even possible to have a quiet day at one of its otherwise busy beaches. Locals will probably constantly tell you to come back later in summer when there is more people and life in the city but if you are looking for a few relaxing days, Mykonos off-season is the way to go.


mykonos off-season greece


5. The shopping is better

It is very cozy to walk around the narrow streets in Mykonos town and pop in and out of all the unique shops. One of the best parts with shopping in Mykonos off-season is that you can find the same stuff in the little boutiques as you can during summer, but to much better prices. The shopping is cheaper and more quiet, especially during autumn when all of the nice boutiques and designer shops have some good sales on.


mykonos off-season greece


6. The weather is perfect

The perfect weather on the island during spring and autumn is maybe the best reason to visit Mykonos off-season. It is not too hot or too cold, just perfect! You can enjoy a good bit of sun and warmth without feeling faint in a heatwave.


When to go:
If you want to get the best out of Mykonos we would recommend going during off-season, either around April-May or September-October. 

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